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Scientific integrity

Our position as a nationally and internationally respected knowledge institute is due to the quality of our work and to the commitment and involvement of our staff. Our researchers are expected to act with integrity, which implies they are conscientious, accountable, impartial and independent in their work.

This is set out in the RIVM Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice and also in the Regulation on Scientific Integrity, which governs how complaints are dealt with regard to improper behaviour in science. 

Other roles and positions

A key aspect of scientific integrity is the prevention of conflicts of interest or apparent conflicts. RIVM makes transparent additional positions and relevant personal interests of staff in key positions on rivm.nl. Key positions include the Director-General, portfolio holders, centre heads, chief science officers (CSOs), professors and top experts.

Making public additional positions is part of the RIVM Addendum to the code to stimulate scientific integrity and to prevent improper influence by conflict of interest. This Code is an initiative of a number of health and scientific institutes including the Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW).

Master class

In 2014, the PhD network of RIVM and Utrecht University jointly organised a master class on scientific integrity, in which the participants discussed various propositions in a dilemma game.