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Professorships and Doctor of Philosophy degrees

Scientific research is fundamental to all work at RIVM, and cooperation with other scientific organisations is essential. Various national and international organisations are involved in setting up and implementing studies.

An overview is given of people at RIVM who have been appointed professors and awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 2014 based on research done at RIVM or in cooperation with RIVM.

Chief Science Officer

On 1 December, Lieke Sanders was appointed Chief Science Officer Host Response at RIVM. In addition, she is paediatrician and Professor of Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital/ Utrecht University Medical Centre.


On 1 October, Monique Verschuren was appointed Professor of healthy vascular ageing in public health perspective at the Julius Centre, Utrecht University Medical Centre.

On I November, Caroline Baan was appointed special professor in integrated health care at Tilburg University (Tranzo). The professorship is directed to integrating forms of public health, health care and welfare, to improving population health and the quality of health, and to reducing the growth in health care costs.

Doctor of Philosophy

In 2014, the following members of RIVM staff received the Doctor of Philosophy degree:




Monique Nijkamp

The interaction of the EGFR-P13-K/AKT pathway with the tumour microenvironment in head and neck cancer

Radboud Universiteit

Tjibbe Donker

Disease transmission through hospital networks

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Leny Hogerwerff

Epidemiology of Q fever in dairy goat herds in the Netherlands

Universiteit Utrecht

Marloes Heijstek

Vaccination of paediatric patients with rheumatic diseases

Universiteit Utrecht

Madelief Mollers

Monitoring the impact of HPV vaccination pre and ealy post vaccination data

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Willemijn Lodder

The role of water in human picornavirus transmission

Universiteit Utrecht

Lieke Wielders

Long-term follow-up of acute Q fever patients after a large epidemic

Universiteit Utrecht

Katharina Verhaelen

Sources and persistence of human noroviruses in fresh produce chains and associated public health

Universiteit Utrecht

Rianne Vriend

Interventions For STI control vaccination and testing

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Marja Driessen

Evaluation of the zebrafish embryo as an alternative model for hepatotoxicity testing

Rijksuniversiteit Leiden

Rose-Minke Schure

Pertussis specific T-cell immunity in dutch children Differences after wholecell versus acellular vaccination

Universiteit Utrecht

Heleen de Man

Best urban water management practices to prevent waterborne infectious diseases under current and future scenarios

Universiteit Utrecht

Susanne Waaijers

Environmental Fate and Effects of New Generation Flame Retardants

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Irene Harmsen

Vaccinating Self evident or not? Development of a monitoring system to evaluate the acceptance of the NIP

Universiteit Maastricht

Remko Enserink

An epidemiological perspective on gastroenteritis in child day care centers - Assessment of impact and risk

Universiteit Utrecht