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Environment and Planning act: simply better support

Almost all legislation on the physical environment, such as spatial planning, environment and construction, will be incorporated in the Environment and Planning Act in 2018. Under the motto, “simply better”, the objective is an integrated law that is practical for all parties involved including the national government, other government levels and companies, and that meets present needs.


RIVM is supporting the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in establishing effective measures to implementĀ  the new Environment and Planning Act. In 2014, the programme for Environment and Planning Act started by using RIVM expertise to respond to questions aboutĀ  environmental standards and instruments to review third party initiatives, to streamline data flows in the Environment Avenue, and to advise on new standards and review instruments.

Environment Avenue

RIVM has contributed to the development of one integrated digital system with all relevant information required by municipalities and other government organisations to implement the Environment and Planning Act. The Environment Avenue ensures the availability, usefulness and consistency of data on the physical environment: air, noise, nature, external safety, buildings, cultural heritage and soil. Data on each of these subjects are stored in an information house located on the avenue. RIVM is responsible for the information houses on air and noise, and has a coordinating role for the other houses. In addition, RIVM advises on the general information registers that are connected to the avenue.

Standards and review instruments

RIVM advises on effective use of the standards in the Environment and Planning Act with regard to public health. RIVM has developed a conceptual analytic framework and supports policy advisers in developing standards In addition, RIVM advises the Ministry of infrastructure and the Environment on the effective use of the review instruments in the framework of granting licences.

Together with others

Such a complex process of implementing an effective Environment and Planning Act and everything with regard to the Act including the Environment Avenue and the review instruments can only be done in cooperation with other parties. RIVM is working closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat, and the Land Registry.