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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board has the task of monitoring the scientific quality of the work of RIVM. This is done by monitoring and advising on the level and quality of research carried out and on the RIVM quality assurance system. The Board’s findings are presented annually to the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

In 2014, the Board assessed the pre-proposals for the new RIVM Strategic Programme (SPR) for the period 2014-2018. The Board is closely involved in the selection and development of the research spearheads and new projects, and considers achieving a balance between independent advice and assessing scientific quality to be of great importance.
The Board is convinced that SPR is an essential component in the quality of the work of RIVM. Thus, any proposed reduction in the knowledge infrastructure by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will inevitably lead to loss in the depth and breadth of the SPR and will have a wider impact on RIVM.
The Board also reviewed the SOR Annual Report 2013, and underlined the importance of creating wider exposure, for instance, by presenting the report to the RIVM parent Ministry, the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.
In 2013, the Board was informed about the postponement of the CCKL accreditation of the IDS Centre by the Accreditation Board. In 2014, the Board was informed of the subsequent actions taken. On 4 June, the audit committee again visited the IDS centre. At the end of December, the Board was informed of the decision of the Director of the Accreditation Board, based on the meeting of the Accreditation Board on 17 December 2014, to give accreditation to the laboratory and activities in Medical Microbiology from that date up until 31 December 2019
In 2014, a scientific audit was carried out on risk assessment and policy advice on substances and products, and preparation was made for a scientific audit on drinking water. The Board also reviewed the interim evaluation of the CIb Strategic Outlook 2011-2015.
The Board was informed in 2013 about RIVM’s wishes to participate in the initiative of International Association of Public Health Institutes (IANHPHI) to develop evaluation guidelines for national public health institutes. RIVM participated in the annual IANHPI meeting in Morocco at the end of 2014. The Board was also informed of RIVM’s intention to have a peer-to-peer evaluation of the institute in 2016. 
Based on these positive developments in 2014, Board is satisfied that RIVM has again succeeded in safeguarding the scientific quality of its research. The Board expressed its appreciation and also its concern as to whether RIVM can maintain these positive results in the face of the constant threat of drastic cuts in the knowledge infrastructure of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.