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RIVM Strategic Programme

As trusted adviser, RIVM plays a pivotal role in linking science, policy and society on health and environment. To fulfil this advisory role, RIVM has set up a programme of research, innovation and knowledge development known as the RIVM Strategic Programme (SPR). The programme consists of projects that are carried out in four-year cycle. In 2014, the projects for the period 2015 – 2018 were decided.


The SPR focuses on topics that could have a future impact on our health and environment, and thus deserve extra attention. RIVM contributes to healthy ageing of the Dutch population and to living in a healthy, sustainable and safe environment. The spearheads for the 2015-2018 projects are listed below.

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Health and resistance

Whether someone becomes ill or not is closely related to the response of their immune system to the health threat. Why does one person become ill and another not? RIVM does research to support the government in taking effective measures.

Health economics

How can we get the most out of each euro spent on health care? RIVM studies the social costs and benefits, and develops instruments to support healthy and sustainable choices.

Integrated risk management

Life is full of risks and dangers. RIVM maps the extent of these risks and helps to assess the acceptability of various risks.

Knowledge integration for policy support

RIVM combines knowledge on health, safety and the environment, and supports the government in taking measures in these areas.

Risk communication

RIVM studies how people deal with health risks, safety and health care, and what is necessary to make well considered and informed choices.

Mathematical modelling of diseases

RIVM uses mathematical modelling to map the health of the Dutch population in order to estimate how public health is likely to change and the factors that influence these changes.

In 2015, some 60 projects will start under the four-year strategic programme.

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