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EFSA partnership

On 17 December 2014, RIVM signed a partnership agreement with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for a study on the health impact of exposure to mixtures of pesticides in food. RIVM is the preferred partner of EFSA in the European Union in assessing exposure risk to pesticides.


The European project ACROPOLIS developed a model to calculate the combination of pesticides to which consumers can be exposed. The model was developed in cooperation with Biometris, Wageningen UR and institutes in other EU Member States. The European Commission has designated this project as a successful cooperation between countries and stakeholders that has led to this partnership with EFSA. The partnership is directed to making the model accessible to all countries and stakeholders in the European Union that have to assess the safety of pesticides.

Spraying of an orchard with a machine 

Significance for RIVM

The EFSA partnership is an agreement between EFSA and RIVM, and is the first such cooperation between EFSA and an institute in one of the Member States. An important factor is the independence of RIVM. This is a unique position for RIVM and a new form of cooperation within the European Union. The trust between the partners offers a basis for future developments.


The partnership between EFSA and RIVM will be evaluated after two years with the aim of reaching an agreement for a longer period. It is possible that more mixtures of pesticides will be included in the model.


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