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Explanatory notes to the cash flow statement

The balance of the current account with the Accounts Division (RHB) of the Ministry of Finance has been included.

Operating cash flow

The operating cash flow is explained by the negative result in 2014 of  € 0.6 million. Corrected for depreciation and amortisation/releases from provisions, the operating cash flow increased by € 2.7 million  to € 2.5 million.  In addition there was a mutation in the working capital of € 3.5 million which brought the operating cash flow to € 5.6 million. 

Investment cash flow

The investment of € 4 million is in line with the budget. An investment of € 0.2 million was made in installations and € 3.8 million in other tangible assets. 

Financial cash flow 

In 2014, use was made of equity capital. See also the course of equity capital and explanation under the item equity capital still to be received. No use was made in 2014 of the loan facilities for government agencies. The investments were made from available liquid equity.