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Visitors to rivm.nl

The RIVM website was visited in 2014 by 5,970,000 people on one or more occasions, and this was an increase of 27.6% on 2013 (4,680,000). The National Immunisation Programme was visited the most with 721,877 visitors, followed by Ebola (551,886), and ticks and Lyme’s disease (436,536). The overall increase resulted from the attention to Ebola as well as from the increasing number of topics on the website.


Visitors rivm.nl/en

RIVM strives to strenghten international collaboration. In order to support this, considerable effort was invested in the RIVM English-language website in 2014, for example more news items and  information. This has not gone unnoticed: in 2014 the number of visits to the English website increased by 43%. In addition to information pages about RIVM, news reports and webpages about Ebola, AMR, the National Immunisation Programme and population screening programmes, nutrition and food safety and safety of substances were frequently visited.

Thematic sites

In cooperation with other parties, RIVM hosts various thematic sites that are frequently visited. In 2014, the websites for the health care atlas, national public health compass, and the cost of disease were amalgamated into one website http://www.volksgezondheidenzorg.info/. To ensure access to information, the three websites are still online.

The Public Health Status and Foresight report was put online for the first time in 2014 at http://eengezondernederland.nl/en/English_version

The top 3 thematic sites most visited are:
1) National public health compass
2) National Measurement Network for Air Quality
3) Safe tattoos and piercing.