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RIVM in dialogue

RIVM is at the centre of society and our research findings find their way to policy makers, professionals and the general public. To underline the importance of this interaction, contact with Dutch society in various forms is a spearhead of the RIVM strategic outlook. In 2014, this interaction this took the form mainly of dialogue with the general public and with stakeholders.

Two dialogues were conducted on social issues on which RIVM is working: e-cigarettes and innovations based on nanotechnology. These interactions gave RIVM more insight into how people viewed these two social issues.

These activities are known within RIVM as ‘Learning from Grenelle’ and refer to the Rue de Grenelle in Paris, where a conference was held in 2007. At this conference representatives of government, companies, interest groups and NGOs defined policy on environmental issues.

In December 2014, RIVM organised a ‘Grenelle, le symposium’ at which ANSES, a RIVM sister organisation, shared their experience with this form of participation. RIVM experts presented their initiatives and experience.

Where to now

In contact with society is not a project with a completion date. In 2015, an inventory will be made of the various participation methods used and how these can be more structurally imbedded in RIVM work processes. However, activities indicate that the general public and stakeholders value their involvement in such discussions, and that the discussion has only just begun.