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Public health status and foresight

At four-year intervals since 1993, RIVM has published the Public Health Status and Foresight report. This report provides an overview of disease and health status, disease prevention, health care and policy in the Netherlands. The results form the basis for formulating national and local health policy and are used by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport as the basis of the four-year public health policy document.

New direction

The sixth edition published in June 2014 has taken a new direction. In addition to the overview of current and future public health trends, the report presents future scenarios based on four public health perspectives. Each scenario presents a future vision and what needs to be done to achieve this. These future scenarios show the diverse potential directions for public health.



The future scenarios are developed in cooperation with stakeholders to assess whether the Dutch population can recognise themselves in the scenarios. Thus, the report is more a co-creation than previous editions have been. The 2014 report was published online to make the results more widely accessible.

Serious game

Since the publication of the report, RIVM has been requested from many organisations, such as the areas health authorities, municipalities and educational institutions to support them in formulating a future vision. For that purpose, a serious online game has been developed, in which the players together achieve a future health objective taking into consideration the four perspectives.