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All about Health ...

The National Prevention Programme, All about Health ..., started at the beginning of 2014. The partners in the programme make agreements and undertake joint actions that will contribute to making the Netherlands a healthy and more vital country. All participants sign a pledge and by the end of 2014, 165 pledges had been signed and 600 partners were involved in the programme.

RIVM is one of the partners, and is actively involved in monitoring and evaluating the programme, and is also responsible for communications.


RIVM is monitoring progress and output of the programme. Based on an overview of activities under All about Health ..., a set of 20 indicators was developed in 2014. These are evenly distributed over the various domains of the programme: school, work, neighbourhood, health care and health protection. These indicators were used in monitoring, for instance, the number of schools receiving the Healthy School Status, the number of Healthy Sports Canteens and progress on Check your work stress week. Infographics have been made of these indicators to show the results for 2014. RIVM will continue to work on the indicators in 2015.


RIVM is responsible for communication of the programme nationally. In 2014, Allesisgezondheid.nl was developed, social media platforms were set up, and activities initiated on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. RIVM also set up platforms for specific partner groups and a social market place to facilitate links between partners. In addition, RIVM had a coordinating role for the annual progress conference.

All about Health ...

All about Health ... focuses on a healthier and more vital Netherlands, and aims to establish a social movement in which the partners are responsible for the activities.  The ultimate objective is to reduce the number of people with chronic disease and to reduce health inequalities within the Dutch population. The programme organisation, which comprises people from government and non-government organisations, is structured as a network, and will continue throughout 2016.